How we work

Waiting for Tomorrow are doing things differently.

We operate an On Demand production system, where every garment we make is sold and used (and hopefully loved) with none of our stock going into landfill. 

As we produce clothing On Demand, inevitably you will need to wait for your clothes. We are consciously not operating in the fast fashion, next day delivery ecosystem that is helping fuel so many different environmental and social issues.

We release our clothes in small batches, usually 50 pieces, with a defined timeline for ordering, usually 1 week. This means that you will have 1 week from when a batch is released to place your order. Once we have 50 confirmed orders, that batch will be sold out and we will enter production. 

If a batch doesn’t sell out within the week, all orders will be refunded and will go on the waiting list for the next batch.

Once a batch enters production, you will be kept informed on the production process, with pics and updates from every stage, from cutting and sewing to packaging and distribution. We aim to have your order with you within 4 weeks.