Our story

We founded Waiting for Tomorrow in 2023. The company grew out of the idea that we wanted to make fashion and buying clothing as sustainable as possible. We loved the small companies that were making things locally, supporting their local communities and businesses, and trying to do their best for the environment.

We both love clothes and looking good and feeling comfortable in what we wear. While we were always looking to shop sustainably and buy second hand, we found that a lot of the brands that we really love (not naming any names!) were not as sustainable as we hoped or were led to believe (greenwashing!). Maybe they used organic cotton, but their clothes were manufactured in Bangladesh. Or their clothes were made in the UK but the fabric came from Turkey. Or they used a polyester (plastic) fabric blend. Or when your purchase arrives, it’s in layers of unnecessary packaging. Not that any of this is terrible, but we wanted to see if we could do things differently.

It’s taken around a year to scour the UK, looking for independent, local and ethical manufacturers that we can collaborate with to produce everything we need to create our small capsule collection. From fabric mills and dyers in Leicester, to our small garment workshop in London that hand make our clothes, to the factory in the Midlands that makes our drawstring cords, to the bespoke packaging, to enabling deliveries in London by bike, we have spent months ensuring that every part of our collection is as sustainably sourced as possible. 

Our original idea was to only make clothes on demand, to ensure that no item goes to waste. And we haven’t given up on this idea, but we are yet to find a local partner that can produce small runs in a reasonable timeline. The next best option was to produce low-impact small batch ranges that we know we will be able to sell out in full. We hope in the near future to move to an on demand model so we know that we are only making clothes that people want and need. 

If you care as much as we do about clothing and the climate, we invite you to come with us on our journey of creating sustainable and stylish streetwear. 

Doing things differently 

Andy and Jen

  • Jen by Jen D
  • Andy by Ian Morrissey
  • Buildings on New Inn Yard in east London