We care

At Waiting for Tomorrow, we care. 

We care about you looking good and dressing well, being comfortable in what you wear and expressing your personal style, whatever that may be. 

We also care deeply about people and the planet and recognise that the fashion and clothing industry is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to environmental impact and ethical harm. The facts and stats are mind blowing. 

But we all need clothes. So we are doing things differently. We produce stylish, timeless streetwear that is made to last and can be worn all day, every day. We release our clothes in limited edition small batches, with care for our planet and people embedded at every stage. 

Helping you feel good and buy better.

Facts and stats

The facts and stats on the fashion and clothing industry’s impact can be quite overwhelming ...

  • Over 150 billion garments are produced each year, yet over 30% of these are never sold and end up in landfill
  • Only 2% of garment workers worldwide earn a Living Wage 
  • The average piece of clothing racks up over 10,000 miles of travel as the raw material, yarn, fabric and end product is shipped around the world during manufacturing
  • A piece of clothing purchased in 2022 was worn an average of 5 times and then discarded
  • Over 60% of all products purchased are disposed of in land-fill within 1 year

Additionally, clothing manufacturing also has serious problems with worker welfare, carbon emissions, plastic usage, we could keep going! It’s no wonder we needed to try something new.

But there is also reason for hope. Sustainability is the latest buzz-word for all fashion brands and we are all becoming much more conscious of the impact fast fashion and mass clothing production is having on the environment. 

Fashion doesn’t need to be a dirty word. It just needs a radical rethink. 

So at Waiting for Tomorrow we are doing things differently, trying to be as sustainable as possible while being stylish too. And helping you buy better. 

Clothing recycling point
Tree by Jan Huber on Unsplash

Doing things differently

We are on a mission to create sustainable clothing that lasts, so that means we need to do things differently. Producing our range in small, limited release batches. Starting with creating wardrobe staples and building our collection to deliver a wider range of streetwear. Building towards an on demand model. Buying back our clothes once you are done with them so we can reuse or recycle them.

We source the finest materials, from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton fabric that is knitted here in the UK to 100% UK produced wool and 100% Irish linen. All our clothes are designed, cut and hand made in small batches in our boutique London workshop.

We test and finesse every tiny detail of our garments from fit to stitching to embellishments, to ensure that each one is perfect. And we only produce a small number of garments per batch, so there is no waste from overproduction. 

We hand number each item, so you know you are getting a limited edition, quality garment that is filled with care and craftsmanship, helping you buy better.  

More info found in our FAQs

  • Cotton reels at Fashion Manager by us
  • Female creative sewing by ClarkandCompany


It’s complicated. 

We know that green-washing is a major issue with a lot of brands and understanding what is sustainable and what isn’t is very confusing. We want to help make things clearer. And we want to be part of the change needed to improve industry standards.

At Waiting for Tomorrow we are completely honest and transparent about our sustainability credentials and what we do. There is no such thing as perfect, but we promise to deliver to the best possible standards. 

And we keep things simple: 

  • All our clothes are made with natural fibres, including 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, 100% UK produced wool or Irish linen, so no synthetic materials
  • All our fabric is knitted in the UK or Ireland
  • All our clothes are manufactured in the UK
  • All our clothes are only available to buy in the UK
  • Everyone we work with is paid the UK Living Wage or more
  • Our packaging and distribution solutions are as sustainable as possible including London deliveries by bike 

We aim to produce low impact clothing that reduces the carbon footprint of the production process as much as possible, so that means making as much as we could as close to home as we could. 

We only work with ethical suppliers that we know personally. The fact that they are all in the UK and Ireland means we can (and do) visit them often to check on production or just to have a chat. 

Everything we do aims to help you to buy better.

Delve deeper in our FAQs


We strongly believe in the circular economy, so have a number of schemes to help extend the lifespan of every piece of clothing we make.

Firstly, we have invested in the finest quality, heavyweight fabric and we only use the best craftspeople to hand cut and sew every item, ensuring that all our clothes are designed to be incredibly durable and we hope they will last you for many, many years to come. 

We know that accidents do happen, so we offer a free repairs service for the first two years after your purchase. If anything at all happens to your Waiting for Tomorrow item, drop us an email and if fixable, we will let you know how you can get it repaired at no cost. 

If after five years you find you are not wearing your Waiting for Tomorrow item as much as you would like, or you just fancy a change, we will buy your item back at 20% of the original price. This can be put towards the purchase of another Waiting for Tomorrow item. 

And don’t worry, your old item won’t be going to waste, we’ll give it some love then put it up for re-sale in our marketplace, where someone else can pick up a bargain and get a few more years use out of the garment.