We have created these FAQs to help you unpack Waiting for Tomorrow but if you have  any questions not covered here, do just contact us and we'll get back to you. 


What style is your clothing? 

We don’t follow fashion, but believe there are classic streetwear styles people will always wear. Styles born out of the New York City hip-hop culture of the late 1970s and early 1980s, with elements of Los Angeles surf culture, evolved to become 21st century wardrobe staples. 

However you identify, streetwear is flexible and something everyone can wear, mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe to create your own style. 


What clothes do you make?

We launched Batch #1 with T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies and we have added new styles for Batch #2 to include sweatpants and beanies. These timeless classics are wardrobe staples but adapted and developed as unique Waiting for Tomorrow pieces. We pay particular attention to the small details of our garments from fit to stitching to embellishments, to ensure that each one is perfect and can be worn all year round for all sorts of occasions. And our clothes are made to last. We want you to be wearing your Waiting for Tomorrow clothes for at least the next 5 years, hopefully more.


Will your range of clothes increase? 

Yes! We will be introducing new styles in every future batch released, ultimately building up to a completely contained capsule wardrobe. Ideas for a Over-shirt / Jacket, Workwear Trouser, Skirt, Long Sleeve T-shirt, Cropped or Straight sweats, and other pieces are already development for Batch #3 and beyond. So sign up to our emails and follow us on Insta @waitingfortomorrow_uk to hear about what’s coming up next.


How do I know what size I need?

Take a look at our size guide on the product pages to work out your best size in Waiting for Tomorrow. 

We make clothes in XS to XL and all our sizes are gender neutral. 

Generally our clothes have a loose, boxy look. If you prefer your clothes a little more fitted, try sizing down from your normal size.

And if you have any questions about sizing, or would like us to send you some more pics of our clothes, drop us an email to hello@waitingfortomorrow.co.uk or DM us on Insta @waitingfortomorrow_uk


Do you create specific Male / Female specific sized clothes?

No, all our clothes are gender neutral. Check out our size guide to work out your best size in Waiting for Tomorrow. Our clothes are naturally designed to be boxy, but you can size up or down according to your preferred style.


Why do you only release your clothes in limited edition batches?

You can read more about our sustainability credentials, but the short version is that we are trying to limit the waste that is inherent in the normal production process. By only producing very small quantities, we are ensuring that whatever we produce is sold and worn and used, rather than unsold stock being sent directly from warehouse to landfill. 

Ideally, we would love to move to an on-demand model of production, where we only produce clothes that have already been purchased, but we need to find reliable, local manufacturing partners that can turn around production in a reasonable timeframe. Until then, limited edition batches are the next best option.


How will I know my item is authentic? 

Each Waiting for Tomorrow garment features a bespoke batch and edition label, each hand numbered for authenticity (excluding our Beanies, which are labelled but not numbered!)  


What happens if I miss out on a batch and or my size is sold out? 

We only produce a small number of garments per batch, so there is no waste from overproduction.  If you miss out on a batch your size has already sold out, you can sign up to the waitlist and we’ll email you if we get any returns in your size. 

Or to make sure you don't miss out next time, sign up to our emails and follow us on Insta @waitingfortomorrow_uk


Tell me more about your suppliers and the production process

Quality and care are built into every step of our process, using the best raw materials and putting them in the hands of the finest local craftspeople.

We are on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of our production process as much as possible, so that means making as much as we could as close to home as we could. Unfortunately we don’t grow cotton in the UK, so we use GOTS certified organic cotton from India (it’s the only thing we can’t produce locally). This organic cotton is sent to our mill in Leicestershire where it is knitted into our fabric and dyed using a natural dying process.

The fabric is then sent the short distance down to London where it is hand cut and sewn in our boutique workshop in Greenwich, London.

For our wool beanies, we source quality 100% UK produced wool and have them made in our factory in Mansfield. 

To minimise our carbon footprint, we only sell in the UK, so the total journey of our clothes from cloth to end customer will be only a few hundred miles. 

We know each of our suppliers and they are all ethical companies that care deeply about the planet and their workers welfare.


Where are your clothes made?

All our clothes are hand made in our boutique workshop in Greenwich, London. Our fabric is knitted in our mill in Leicester. All our labels and care labels and drawstring cords are 100% cotton and made in the UK. So you can be sure that your entire garment is made by the finest craftspeople here in the UK.


Is your packaging also sustainable? 

100%. Using FSC-certified, recycled materials and printed with water or plant based ink.

Nothing drives us more mad than receiving a purchase layered in unnecessary packaging with superfluous labels and/or inserts, most of which we cannot reuse, recycle or compost. 

So we have made our packaging as stripped back as possible: no swing tags or inserts; reusable tissue and envelopes; all recyclable and/or compostable.


How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Once we receive your order, we will pack it up and get it out to delivery as soon as possible. We aim for a day or two, but it may be slightly longer in busier times. Depending on where you are based, delivery options will vary. We aim to deliver by bike to anywhere in London (roughly within the Ring Road) and via Royal Mail to everywhere else. 

Overall it may take 4 - 5 days between placing your order and receiving your item. But we are definitely worth the wait!


I’m based in Europe, am I able to buy an item? 

Unfortunately, we are only selling to the UK market at the moment. We are starting small and are trying to reduce carbon emissions from manufacturing and distribution as much as possible, so we are limiting our market. 

Once we have established solid, local supply chains and distribution, we may look at expanding into Europe. After all, it is only a few hundred miles away. Sign up to our emails to stay informed of all our future developments.


Can I return a purchased item?

For every batch we create, we work closely with our production partners to test and finesse every tiny detail of our garments from fabric to fit, stitching to embellishments, to ensure that each one is perfect. And we only produce a small number of garments per batch, so there is no waste from overproduction. We hope you will be very happy with your Waiting for Tomorrow purchase, but if there's any reason you'd like to return your item(s), we accept returns within 14 days of delivery.


What happens to any returned items?

Returns are a big issue for brands as most are unable to sell the returned stock and as much as 90% of returns go straight into landfill. 

Luckily we only produce a very small number of garments per batch, which we know will sell out. And with a growing community of fans/ followers/ collectors, we normally have a waitlist for each batch. So fear not if you need to return an item, we will contact our waitlist so some other lucky person will get to own a Waiting for Tomorrow product


How do I return the item for a refund?

If, for whatever reason, you want to return your purchase, please see our return policy


Do you have a repair service or do you offer a buy back scheme?

We strongly believe in the circular economy, so have a number of schemes to help extend the lifespan of every piece of clothing we make.

Take a look at the circularity section on our doing things differently page to find out how you can get the most out of all our clothes.


When will you launch on-demand? 

Ideally, we would love to move to an on-demand model of production, where we only produce clothes that have already been purchased, meaning zero waste is built into the production model. However we don’t want to compromise on quality or the sustainability of our production process. We will always manufacture everything in the UK, so we still need to find reliable, quality local manufacturing partners that can turn around bulk production quickly. 

So in short, we don’t know when this will happen. But if you sign up to our emails, you can stay informed of all our future developments. Until then, limited edition batches are the next best option.